2019 Speaker Interviews

Discover more about the topics and technologies that were discussed at the 2019 conference, via a series of exclusive interviews with a selection of our expert speakers.

The implementation of SNCF’s sustainable energy roadmap

Olivier Menuet, president of SNCF Energie in France, will discuss the implementation of SNCF’s sustainable energy roadmap and why the company is investing in green energy at The Future of Transportation World Conference.

Tell us about your presentation.
SNCF Group is one of the world’s top companies in passenger and freight mobilities (annual turnover: €34bn) and the top electricity consumer in France. Its total annual energy consumption is 17TWh for a spend of €1.2bn. The presentation will discuss the implementation of SNCF’s strategic roadmap toward responsible and sustainable energy: efficiency, greening the mix, procurement performance, production and self-consumption, and technologies (hybridization, hydrogen, etc).

What new, sustainable energy sources/technology are you most excited by?
I am really excited about energy efficiency, as the best energy ever is the one that you don’t consume! Of course, there will always be a need for remaining energy consumption, and in this perspective any kind of renewable energy is really interesting to me, whether it be hydro, solar or wind.

What are the easy wins – and the more difficult challenges ahead?
The journey toward responsible and sustainable energy management is not an easy win but it becomes so obvious when you demonstrate that it brings value to the business, the people and the planet.

What do you mean by ‘procurement performance’ – can you give an example of how you can improve this and how it will improve sustainability?
When you are performing on the prices you pay for your energy, you may use these savings to increase the market share of railways in the mobility sector, therefore contributing to sustainable development as railways are really one of the best mobility solutions to tackle climate change.

Won’t price always win? Why pay more for green energy?
Today the carbon price is not at its right level and it will grow significantly in the near future because of the climate crisis. Therefore, one day it will be more effective to pay for green energy than fossil-based ones! By deciding to target a 40-50% green energy in its traction electricity mix by 2025, SNCF wants to lead the way and anticipates cost performance in the long run: a 25-year CPPA (Corporate Power Purchase Agreement) is definitively reconciling sustainability and finance for the sake of SNCF and the planet.

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