December 10 & 11, 2019
Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center, Vienna, Austria

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“We have to think again about transportation. We cannot just continue down a dead end (cul de sac) just because it’s convenient and avoids disruption”

Tony Robinson, conference founder

The Future of Transportation is a world-leading conference on the subject of ‘What Next?’ Our primary theme this year is ‘Do or Die’. That may sound a bit extreme but we either tolerate change and disruption now or face a total crisis in 10-20 years’ time. Cities are already gridlocked; inter-urban motorways and autobahns have miles of queuing trucks and cars; air quality in many cities is already at crisis point. In some instances, the latter in particular, solutions are starting to be realized. However, the broader issues of gridlock and undercapacity in transportation networks are a long way from being remedied. That’s what this conference is about.

The FoT Conference was one of the first to recognize the potential of ‘getting transportation off the ground’, and this year we will examine how soon personal airborne transportation systems will become viable VIP and later mass transportation. The futuristic vision of skyscrapers surrounded by airborne transport for mass commuting could be just a few years away, but are the world’s governments and existing transport providers and operators sizing themselves up for the change and creating infrastructure to enable it to happen?

It goes almost without saying that the FoT conference will be looking at where we may be with autonomous vehicles and their mass deployment. A great deal of possibly over-zealous predictions have been made in recent years. We are going to ask where we are really in relation to anything beyond application-specific uses of AVs and trial projects. What are the realistic timescales for mass autonomy and what are the major hurdles – legislative and technical – that need to be overcome? It’s 35 years since PROMETHEUS but there remains a long journey, or so it seems.

We know there will be changing patterns in relation to car ownership. A trend away from individual car ownership opens up huge possibilities in the MaaS area but also brings new challenges for the long-standing car brands. Will today’s automotive companies with brands that rank continuously among the world’s leading names be lost in history or will they – as, for example, Mercedes and others have stated – have new ways of differentiating their brands going forward?

We’ll be hearing from startups, leading firms of lawyers, OEMs and established players in MaaS, and this year we will include a special stream for road hauliers and other logistics-based operators. Plus there will be invited speakers from transportation authorities and city planners, technology and software giants, drone and personal air transportation companies, mass-transit solution providers, business consultants, and inventors of new and disruptive global mobility solutions, all with the common goal of devising better answers to the increasingly demanding challenge of providing safe, efficient, sustainable transportation for the world in 2030 and beyond.

We know the challenges. FoT will define many opportunities and at times will enter the realms of what to many remains the unimaginable. We either do it now or we leave our successors a terrible mess.

Tony Robinson set up UKi Media & Events 29 years ago with a focus on transportation and pushing the boundaries of thinking. His first experience in an autonomous vehicle was as a passenger in a Mercedes S Class driving fully autonomously around the Paris Périphérique at the PROMETHEUS finale in 1994; and he was in attendance at the first autonomous highway demonstration in San Diego in 1996.

Conference Streams

Stream 1

As demand for transportation continues to increase to levels of chaos and gridlock, alternatives to ground-based transportation are starting to emerge for urban and inter-urban travel and commuting.

Days 1 & 2More Info

Stream 2
Mass Deployment of
Autonomous Vehicles 

We’ll be exploring legal issues, questions of liability and responsibility, the benefits to society and some of the possible shocks that could develop.

Days 1 & 2More Info

Stream 3
Changing Landscape For The
Automotive Industry

Vehicle manufacturers will see big changes including the probable effects of reductions in vehicle ownership, new ways of selling vehicles to a different ownership profile and challenges from new, highly competitive mobility solutions.

Days 1 & 2More Info

Stream 4
Connectivity – 5G, V2X
& Cybersecurity

In this stream, we will explore several predictions for 5G and understand how the transportation network will be revolutionized by high-fidelity, low-latency, high-capacity, secure networks. Cybersecurity failsafes and a reliable, high-density network will be a must.

Days 1 & 2More Info

Stream 5
Energy – Powering The
Future of Transport  

In this stream, we will discuss the infrastructure requirements to service the demand. How will the energy companies and the fuel giants adapt to meet the rise in EV use?

Days 1 & 2More Info

Stream 6
Mobility as a Service

Is MaaS the next industrial revolution for transportation and urban mobility?

Days 1 & 2More Info

Stream 7

Examining new concepts and changes that would radically transform surface congestion.

Days 1 & 2More Info

Stream 8
Road Freight – Pathway
to Efficiency

Trucking is the leading mode of freight transportation in the world. Truck OEMs and logistics companies are entering a phase of major technology disruption.

Day 1 More Info

Stream 9
Alternative Thinking –
Exploring Alternative Ideas

Joining the dots between MaaS, autonomous cars, micromobility, connected vehicles, eVTOL, hyperloop and other future transportation technologies will be key to a successful deployment and adoption.

Day 2More Info

Venue Information

Venue Address

Messe Wien Exhibition Congress Center
Messeplatz 1
1021 Wien

Please note that security will be on-site and bag searches will be carried out for your safety.

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Tuesday, December 10
08:15hrs – 17:00hrs

Wednesday, December 11
09:00hrs – 17:00hrs