Stream 1

As demand for transportation continues to increase to levels of chaos and gridlock, alternatives to ground-based transportation are starting to emerge for urban and inter-urban travel and commuting.

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Stream 2
Mass Deployment of
Autonomous Vehicles 

We’ll be exploring legal issues, questions of liability and responsibility, the benefits to society and some of the possible shocks that could develop.

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Stream 3
Changing Landscape For
The Automotive Industry

Vehicle manufacturers will see big changes including the probable effects of reductions in vehicle ownership, new ways of selling vehicles to a different ownership profile and challenges from new, highly competitive mobility solutions.

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Stream 4
Connectivity - 5G, V2X
& Cybersecurity

In this stream, we will explore several predictions for 5G and understand how the transportation network will be revolutionized by high-fidelity, low-latency, high-capacity, secure networks. Cybersecurity failsafes and a reliable, high-density network will be a must.

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Stream 5
Energy – Powering The
Future of Transport  

In this stream, we will discuss the infrastructure requirements to service the demand. How will the energy companies and the fuel giants adapt to meet the rise in EV use?

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Stream 6
Mobility as a Service

Is MaaS the next industrial revolution for transportation and urban mobility?

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Stream 7

Examining new concepts and changes that would radically transform surface congestion.

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Stream 8

Truck OEMs and logistics companies are entering a phase of major technology disruption: autonomous trucks, platooning, electrification, increasing driver shortages and stricter emissions standards are impacting conventional practices on an unprecedented scale.

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Stream 9
Alternative Thinking –
Exploring Alternative Ideas

Joining the dots between MaaS, autonomous cars, micromobility, connected vehicles and infrastructure, eVTOL, hyperloop and other future transportation technologies is the key to a successful adoption.

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