Why Visit?

Who will you meet?

The Future of Transportation is a meeting place for professionals and transport department and government officials to exchange solutions, technologies, innovations and ideas on future transportation and mobility.

Visitors are leading professionals from across the transportation sector, from disruptive startup entrepreneurs through to regional, national and international government officials.

Industry sectors represented include automotive, aerospace, air travel, rail and hyperloop, mobility as a service, information and communications technology, energy, freight and logistics, and transport.

Visitors include:

CEOs, thought leaders and professionals working across the transportation sector;

Regional, national and international government officials and heads of department;

Entrepreneurs and company founders from select, potentially disruptive startups;

Consultants and investors seeking to establish key transportation trends and opportunities;

Journalists, opinion-makers and influencers from print, digital and social media.

*Just some of the organizations who attended or spoke at the 2019 conference.