One-hundred-and-eighty years on from Stephenson’s Rocket, what will be the greatest challenges faced by rail operators in the future? Passenger numbers and demand continue to rise, but how can rail operators meet the increasing demand and where will investment come from to support network improvements? Tony Robinson, the founder of one of the world’s largest transportation industry publishing and event companies, will pose the question and ask participants to examine how the rail industry can survive the challenge from new transport forms including high-speed (platooning) autonomous vehicles and PATS for personal mobility. Indeed, can rail meet the challenge long term in the freight sector? Leading rail operators in Europe and elsewhere will be asked to put forward their cases and their visions for the future of rail.

Topics discussed in this stream will include:

  • Railway industry forecasts - 2030 and beyond
  • Challenges and opportunities for rail
  • Competition from new or evolving modes of personal mobility
  • Funding railways of the future
  • Long-term financial stability in the rail industry
  • Distributive technologies
  • Improving passenger satisfaction
  • Environmental performance of railway
  • Supporting growth in the freight sector
  • Trans-European transport networks
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