In this session we will look at how transportation networks and cities of the future will need to evolve into highly automated, energy-efficient and intelligent superfast transportation networks capable of generating energy and charging vehicles as they travel. As we start to see the demise of the internal combustion engine and increasing adoption of EVs, how will we meet those energy requirements and charging infrastructure? Who will supply that energy and what will happen to traditional fuelling stations?

More than 30 expert speakers from around the world will also discuss how new technology, concepts and changing user behaviours can increase intermodality between transportation operators to increase efficiency and reduce the environmental impact and carbon intensity of transportation. They will also present what else governments can do to encourage mobility sharing or even zero-emission alternatives such as cycling or walking, as well as new ideas and concepts for last-mile solutions.

This two-day stream is dedicated to discussing how advances in technology, population increase and future emission regulations support economic growth, and understanding how business models will change.

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