The automotive industry is on the verge of major disruption from new technology, changing regulation and shifting consumer demands. Over the next 10 years, autonomous vehicle technology, electric vehicles and highly connected vehicles are set to transform the automotive industry. Will car ownership transition from vehicle ownership to shared-usage vehicles, mobility formats, MaaS and ‘cards’/memberships? Not only is the technology changing, but a number of new tech- startups and global technology giants and software organisations are now emerging as major disruptors to the traditional research and development cycles and supply chain models.

We will ask who will manufacture the vehicle of the future and what opportunities are there for ride-sharing platforms and fleets of autonomous vehicles. The effect as vehicles become autonomous will be even further reaching. What impact will they have on insurance companies and finance companies? Could car showrooms become a thing of the past too? How can the traditional automotive manufacturers and emerging technology firms rethink their business models, and what strategies can they employ to lure customers back towards ownership? How will automotive manufacturers maintain their position as some of the most recognisable brands, and how will the role of the vehicle interior as a living space evolve? Perhaps many of today’s ‘car’ manufacturers will become mobility providers of the future and even enter the urban air mobility sector.

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