December 10 & 11, 2019
Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center, Vienna, Austria

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All streams are across two days

The timescales for mass autonomous driving remain unclear. What we know is that this is not an ‘if’ scenario, merely a question of when, and in the meantime the question is one of transitioning from ADAS to fully autonomous vehicles. We’ll be exploring legal issues, questions of liability and responsibility, the benefits to society, and some of the possible shocks that could develop.

This stream will also explore how mass autonomous vehicle deployment could spell the end for high-speed rail and we’ll be asking if the investment in expensive long-distance rail projects would be better spent on developing ultra-high speed highways for urban and inter-urban platooning, and on-demand underground and surface autonomous vehicle networks.

A theme of this session will be why autonomous cars are trains and why trains cannot compete using 200-year-old technology.